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“You only need a trust if you have lots of money. True or false?” Gary answers this question and more in a segment titled “Retirement: True or False?” on noted financial talk show “Retirement Talk with Sandy Morris.”

Gary sits down with Sandy Morris herself in another episode of “Retirement Talk with Sandy Morris” to discuss how his new book, “Successonomics,” seeks to help everyone become successful when planning for retirement.

Watch what Gary has to say when asked, “Has long-term care become too expensive for seniors?” on this episode of “Retirement Talk with Sandy Morris.”

On this segment of “Q&A with Gary Marriage,” Gary answers three viewers’ personal questions about retirement planning.

Many people don’t fully understand the ins and outs of their 401(k) and how to make it work best for them. Gary sits in on the “Retirement Roundtable” to help set things straight.

This week’s “Retirement Roundtable” discussion focuses on wills and trusts. Gain Gary’s guidance on how to handle what assets you leave to your heirs.

Ever considered converting your old life insurance policy into a new one? If so, or if this is a new idea to you altogether, Gary explains why this might be right for you in this week’s “Retirement Roundtable” segment.

Nature Coast Financial’s Crystal River office is open and ready for visitors! Watch this special edition of “Retirement Roundtable” to learn more about Gary Marriage and his firm, and then come in and meet the team for yourself.

“If you have a variable annuity, you may want to have a second look,” Gary explains in this “Quick Tip” video.

Gary Marriage Jr. worked as the executive producer for the upcoming film "ARMONIA," a film for "good will." This documentary was filmed in Oaxaca, Mexico, in early 2015.

Gary on NBC explaining how to start a fund for your children's college plan / tax-free retirement savings

Gary Speaking on NBC News: Holiday Budgeting Tips

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